All the biggest wedding dress trends for 2018

From haute couture to everyday bride, these 2018 bridal trends are innovate, classic, elegant and will bring buzz to the upcoming season. There is something for every bride although these bridal gowns won’t be very kind to your wallet but sometime inspiration is all we need and there are always less expensive options available at […]

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Photo Shoots

Photo shoots have become all the rage this year, talented people joining forces to create a look and then have it published on websites. I think this is all great, I love the creativity, the inspiration, the fresh ideas. I appreciate all the wedding blogs that show these beautiful and lush floral designs portrayed in […]

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Make your event special with a Event Planner & Designer

At first, hiring an event planner can seem like a waste of money. But if you analyze everything, you will find that hiring an event planner can be much cheaper than organizing an event yourself. For many people, it is the first time they plan an event of this magnitude. Planning large events requires a […]

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Event planning made easy through Toronto Event Planner

What is Event Planning? Event planning is the process of managing an event such as a meeting, a wedding or a private event. It includes everything from logistics to restoration, travel, accommodation and function areas. It includes factors such as the environment, budgets and cash flows, consideration of those with special needs, evaluations and risk […]

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5 Great budget friendly ideas to have flowers at your wedding

Can you imagine a wedding without flowers? Probably not. Flowers with many different colors, emitting all kinds of scents have found a non-negotiable place in weddings, no matter what country, culture and religion. Flowers symbolize the presence of nature in the union of two souls, flowers h ave taken over modern-day imagination and have paved […]

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