Can you imagine a wedding without flowers? Probably not. Flowers with many different colors, emitting all kinds of scents have found a non-negotiable place in weddings, no matter what country, culture and religion. Flowers symbolize the presence of nature in the union of two souls, flowers h

ave taken over modern-day imagination and have paved the way for some of the most creative decor at weddings.

If you love flowers and are looking for ideas to incorporate them at your wedding, here are some tips you can employ to have a flower-ful wedding without breaking your bank.

Go Local!
This is perhaps the most important tip when it comes to flower arrangements. While choosing what flowers you want at your wedding, go local and opt for flowers that have naturally occurred in the area. Not only does this lend an authentic and earthy feel to the decor, it will also help you save big bucks on flowers arrangements and will help local businesses thrive!
Get Low
While long stalk of roses is more common at the  dining tables, we suggest you get low with it: choose flowers that have shorter stems, like geraniums. Use a shallow bowl to display a bunch of short-stemmed flowers, allowing a few of the longer strings of petals to flow out of the bowl a
Adding Exotic touch

If you do wish to go for a few exotic flowers, try and incorporate them into places that will be the center of attention for the ceremony- the chuppah or mandap’s column and roof. Bunch of orchids or marigold can bring a perfect exotic touch to your special day. This will also focus attention on to the ceremony, without burning a hole in your pocket.

Add some fruits
Instead of going with just flowers, use other elements like fruit and dried twigs to make the arrangement earthy and vintage vibe.
Flower curtain
What’s better than a flower wall, A hanging flower curtain. If you want to have a flower wall at your event but simply can’t afford the price tag try flower curtain idea, this can also serve as a perfect drop for wedding photos.