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Plan your corporate event with the best event planner

Events and meetings bring people together for a common purpose whether it is a business convention, educational conference or wedding. The event planners work as a team to ensure that the purpose of the event or meeting is achieved smoothly. They coordinate every detail of the event right from the beginning to the end. The professional event planner Toronto team plan events of all types such as client appreciation, product launch, team building, gala, golf outing and many more.

The goal of an event planning team is to make your event a memorable, stress-free and successful one irrespective of the budget, size or type of the event. The main motive of the event planners is to provide detail-oriented and impeccable service.

For a corporate event planning, the first duty of the planners is to determine the meeting’s purpose and meet the clients to estimate attendance. The event planning team will also search for the potential meeting sites such as convention centers and hotels. They also consider the lodging and service facility that will be required for the meeting and also how easy it will be for the people to get there. Once a location is decided, the event planning and management team arranges the support services and meeting space. During the event, they will handle meeting logistics such as setting up of audio/visual equipment for speakers, registering guests and many more.

Professional Party Event Planner for Memorable Experience

With over several years of experience and knowledge, Rose Events and Floral have built a solid and strong foundation with leading creative teams in Toronto area allowing us to implement a perfect and memorable experience for you, your guests and your company. We look forward to building a strong working relationship with the clients and their events.

Whether you wish to plan a conference, team-building event, launch a new product, treat your employees to a great time, corporate luncheon, award dinner, impress your client, or holiday party, Rose Events and Floral is available in Toronto to create and execute a memorable event to fit your vision of needs which will reflect your company’s brand name and image. Every event has its own distinct personality, tone, audience and set of objectives. We ensure that each and every event is specifically created to match its intent and will enhance the image of your company whether it’s a small meeting or a large corporate gala. With Rose Events and Floral, you will receive full hands-on dedication and attention.

Our team identifies and designs an event concept and coordinates will all the technical aspects of the target audience before the event. We work with our clients to clarify the ideal business outcomes and streamline the logistics by understanding the importance of creating a continuous relationship with the clients. Our corporate event planning client list includes some of the world’s top corporations, from small boutiques and start-up businesses to large public and private organizations.

Rose Events and Floral is here to support you with:

  • Custom-designed programs including full-service event planning and design to suit your budget and needs.
  • Custom-built features such as fabric work, mural paintings, unique backdrops and floral decoration if you are looking for an innovative corporate event planning for your company.
  • We also access to our decor rental warehouse and in-house floral team, to meet your budget and simplify the vendor acquisition process.
  • We create a master timeline for smooth planning and scheduling.
  • Create personalized templates, checklists and event design to keep you organized.
  • We budget the whole event planning to ensure that your money is well-spent.
  • Assistance managing transportation facility to make sure that everyone gets where they need to be in style and on time.
  • Unlimited communication leading up to a successful event.

Rose Events and Floral are available in Toronto to capture the core of each client and reflect their style and image through an event which will reflect their brand. We are happy to team up with you to design, coordinate and produce an event which will keep your mission in focus. We will ensure a bump-free ride which will open the wallets and hearts of your special guests. Put your corporate event in the capable hands of best party event planners who will take it to the next level with the best planning services.

An event is a result of all the planning and management that goes on months before the event and also on the day of the event. It needs team work, individual contribution, proper communication and most importantly, experience. Rose Events and Floral, with its experience from over the years has managed to deliver some best services pertaining to event planning and management Toronto.

Hello and welcome to Rose Events and Floral, a home of expert creators of bespoke events.

Events are of different types

Events or celebrations can be different. It can either be a business conference, a wedding reception, a baby shower or an engagement party. Such events form good reasons for a get together and the making of memories. The team at Rose Events and Floral assures you a successful event and a bag full of prosperity and memories at the end of it. We make sure the event begins smoothly and ends on a good note.

Your contribution? Simply place your demands and expectations with us. Our event management and event planning team comprises of extremely talented and professional event planners. When you contact us, you receive the best advice and suggestions from our professional event planner Toronto. Every detail, every specification and every expectation is met with care and perfection. We work the other way round. You tell us the result or outcome you expect, we plan and execute accordingly. We handle all kinds of events, whether it is a golf outing, a wedding reception, an event as short as a client appreciation program, a product launch, etc.

Customer satisfaction is our goal

Our goal is to provide satisfactory services to our clients and a memorable experience deprived of all the stress, the haste and the chaos that hovers around during an event. Sit back and relax while we take care of everything. Over the years, we have learnt a lot from our experiences and developed customer – friendly strategies, strategies that have helped and allowed us to deliver the best from what we have to offer.

Selection of venue

Our strategies bore fruitful results when it comes to parties. Whether it is an informal party, a casual party or a formal corporate party, just place your needs on the table and pick them up one by one. Believe it or not, we also help you decide the venue or the site of your party or your event, for that matter. Selection of venues is left over to the party event planners Toronto. With a lot of research and of course, your consent, we finalize the place of your event. When it comes to selection of a site, we are quite peculiar with our choices and thus, choosy. A cute, old school café for a casual and relaxing party, meeting sites like conventional hotels or centres for a corporate event or a super classy restaurant for a family get together like a wedding after – party.

You can expect the following services from us:

  • Excellent and professional planning of your event as per your needs and your budget.
  • Up with a corporate event or party idea? We have floral designs and patterns, innovative back drop ideas and creative concepts to give birth to a perfect ambience.
  • Once you sign up the deal with us, we take care of all deals that contribute in the successful making of your event. To facilitate the same, we work in close association with our rental warehouse and the in – house floral team.
  • Unexpected plans are best but selectively applicable. When it comes to the planning of your event, we take things seriously and our planning is perfect. This is the reason why we’ve been able to execute things up to the mark.
  • Also, we manage transport affairs to help all your esteemed guests reach on time, in style.
  • Communication is the key. Things are transparent between you and us. Things are transparent between our team members. All our event planner Mississauga work collaterally and in unison to help run the event smoothly.

The level and class of the party or the event decides the reach of your company. A super comfortable and cosy party that allows your family and friends and you spend some quality time together is a need because it helps you get rejuvenated for the rest of the week or year. So relax and leave all the arrangements to us.