Styling and Staging

Special events such as weddings can be turned into extraordinary experiences. How, you ask? Rose Events and Floral, located in Canada, provides creative theming and venue decor for all types of occasions here, from intimate luxury wedding to large corporate events. We are one of the largest styling and staging services company in Oakville, Toronto, Mississauga and other Canadian companies. We have maintained a reputation as a leading events company offering the unrivaled experience of styling and staging Mississauga.

styling and staging torontoStyling,and staging Toronto makes use of the latest in event technology. With the use of highest quality flowers, our innovative styling and staging aim to meet every budget and reflect our client’s personalities and event objectives. We deliver you the events of your dreams by making each and every event unique and outstanding, made possible through the efforts of our outstanding industry contacts and friendly teams.

Styling and Staging for Special Events

Styling and staging to us are more than just putting stuff on a table. It all about creating spaces and making them unique where every element reflects, shines and exude our client’s personalities and make them feel incredible. We provide a complete event styling and staging Oakville that includes classical and contemporary floral designs, commercial space designing and wedding prop hire. Our love for floral arrangements, extensive knowledge of local venues and attention to detail allows us to take full advantage of the character, lightings, and settings of the venue, creatively combining shapes, textures,and colors to complement your wedding day or commercial space.

As an example of styling and staging Toronto, we know that nothing can beat the smell and look of fresh and scented flowers. They provide an instant lift and look to your wedding shoot or room and create warmth and homeliness. Our top flowers picks are:

  • Roses – Roses provides a really elegant feel to all types of events. We use only certain colors of roses especially pink and white when styling and staging. These two color don’t seem to clash with each other and looks amazing. Peony rose is our all-time favorite rose which has a perfect shape and exquisite petals. It is a stunning looking flower that is available only for a month or two that is around November. We try to get these beautiful and gorgeous flowers to make your event memorable.
  • Natives – Native flowers can be used for commercial spaces if you wish longevity. You can ask for this flower if you wish to get more than a week out of your flowers. If you prefer changing water regularly then these stunning looking flowers can last up to around 4 weeks. Some of the most preferred flowers are eucalyptus leaves, Waratahs, billy buttons, Geraldton wax, and proteas.
  • Greenery – Long lasting, economical, simply styled and tasteful greenery can sometimes be the best and most preferred choice. This can help an interior feel less staged than some put-together floral arrangements and can create a sense of calm. A few green leaves such as magnolia leaves, monstera leaves and palm leaves in a clear glass vessel can look stunning on a dinner table, coffee table, food counter, or kitchen bench.

At Rose Events and Florals, we believe that every wedding, re-shoot or commercial space is unique and should depict your personality at the heart of it. Our decorative style and intricate understanding regarding the flowers allows us to create a unique and different style that is right for you and your event. We have a treasure trove of wedding props that includes everything from seating covers and throws to fabulous vases and candles. We also arrange a consultation where we get an opportunity to know our clients. There are a lot of factors that play a major role in determining what style and staging you should go for.

If it’s for your wedding, then your wedding dress, time of the year, venue or the church plays an important role while selecting the style along with the taste for flowers. We will fill your wedding day or the commercial space with emotion and character, inspired by you and brought to life by us. We just love to talk to you about your event and share with you our ideas and passion for event styling.