Wedding Decorator and Planner

A wedding day is one among the collection of many other important days of our life. And obviously, like the “other” important days, we want this day to be special and meaningful, in its true sense. What way better to celebrate this day in the presence of the almighty?

Our gurudwara wedding decor Toronto services are exactly what you need if you think alike. That is, if you desire to unite with your soul mate in the presence of your deity, amidst all the traditions and rituals, we have in store for you some exciting and super cosy arrangements. Rose Events and Floral is right where passion and love are witnessed and get visible in the form of marriages. Trust us when we say this, we take care of everything. And by everything, we mean every little thing that makes your big day bigger and meaningful and memorable. Years later, down the memory lane, all we hope for is that you remember your wedding day and our delightful services.And yes, we work until our beloved couple is 100% satisfied.

Sikh Wedding Decor Services in Toronto

For this, we have kept our wedding services flexible and handcrafted. Our services take the form of your desires and dreams. No matter what the place, no matter what the time, we make sure things go your way on this special day of yours. Weddings in gurudwara are something we quite enjoy doing. For the very same reason, we have with us a team consisting of a Sikh wedding planner Toronto. Our planners ensure that your family and friends can sit back and relax without having to worry about anything.

Well, we offer everything that a bride needs and everything that her groom needs. We offer everything the setting of your wedding demands. Your concerns are our concerns. Punjab is are fond of song and dance, and we make sure we provide arrangements for the same. We ensure that we give the time that is necessary to ensure that your big day is planned well, up to the last detail.

So let the air around rejoice your meeting with the love of your life. Let the gods from the above shower you with warmth and love and blessings. Let your family and friends make memories and no haste. Get in touch with us, make the most out of these “once in a lifetime” moments.

What we offer

Designers will arrange for the perfect lehenga for your would-be, if you like. Walk through our wardrobe and pick up what you like. Each bridal wear is a result of patient and careful hand work. Intricately designed heavy bridal gowns and dresses or simple yet flawless ethnic wear, we have all of it for you. The same goes with groom attires. The fabric of the wedding dresses is unique, for it is carefully selected by our designers and is naturally pretty making you the centre of attraction.

Simply talking about the bride’s clothes and not the groom would be injustice. That being said, we also have the appropriate range of clothes for the groom. He gets to choose from sherwanis, designer kurtas, formal attire and more.

We also have expert and highly knowledgeable Sikh Wedding Decorator in Toronto, Oakville, Mississauga that shall simply and quite subtly add on to the beauty of the gurudwara you’ll be getting married in. A treat to the eyes will be the setting comprising of a mixture of strong and mild fragrant flowers beautifully arranged to give a decent look.

Trust our experience

Over the years, with our experience and passion to deliver the best wedding packages and memories, we have been able to add meaning to one of the most important days in the lives of people – their wedding day. That includes all aspects of the wedding, starting from the decor, to the clothing, selection of venue and food. Of course, it is impossible to exactly estimate the other nittygritties that a Sikh wedding planner would have to look into. This being a Sikh wedding, it would naturally be of most help for you to select a wedding planner like this.

Get in touch with us or visit us at our website to know about everything we have to offer. We guarantee you an experience of a lifetime and no regrets.